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Second Christchurch Earthquake (22nd February 2011)

Christchurch Earthquake Damage
Christchurch Earthquake Damage

At 12:50pm on 22nd February 2011, a second, devastating earthquake registering 6.3 on the Richter Scale, hit Christchurch City and the surrounding Canterbury region of New Zealand.

The quake caused billions of dollars damage, flattening much of the CBD, and took more than 180 lives.

Many of Christchurch's iconic buildings have been destroyed by the quake, including the Cathedral.

The eastern suburbs of Christchurch were hit exceptionally hard. Power and water services were been knocked out for several weeks, and sewage remains a problem. The roading infrastructure has also suffered a major blow, with many roads still closed.

How You Can Help

Christchurch needs your help!

New Zealand, and indeed the entire world, has rallied together to help sort our crisis. Many university students and others who cannot currently return to school or work are volunteering to help with the community clean-up.

If you cannot physically help, then you can help by donating now to the Christchurch City Mission, or one of the many other charities set up to help Christchurch.

It is going to take many years and lots of hard work to restore our beautiful city, but together we can do it!


You can make a donation by going to the Christchurch City Mission website.