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New Zealand Immigration

As with any country, New Zealand has its own laws regarding emigrating from your own country and immigrating into New Zealand.


Auckland City at dusk. Copyright: Chris McLennan

Before you travel to or from New Zealand, you must make sure you have a valid, up-to-date passport. If you leave New Zealand and your passport expires while you are away, you may find it very difficult to stay in the country you are in, and it will be much harder to renew your passport from afar. So make sure you check your passport dates well ahead of leaving the country.

All visitors to New Zealand must carry a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond the date you intend to leave New Zealand.

You do not need to a passport to travel within New Zealand, however if you are an overseas visitor it is advisable that you keep your passport on you at all times.


If you are travelling to New Zealand, you may need to apply for a visa. Some exemptions include if you are:

  • A New Zealand citizen
  • A New Zealand Resident Permit holder
  • An Australian citizen travelling on an Australian passport
  • An Australian resident with a current Australian resident return visa
  • A citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand

Some countries do not require that travellers have a Visitor's Visa, if you are staying for less than three months.

You can apply for an extention on your visa through the New Zealand Immigration website, or you can contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy.


New Zealand is a beautiful country, rated a top holiday destination in the world! So it is little wonder if you are thinking about living permanently in New Zealand. The New Zealand Immigration website contains information about immigration requirements and how to obtain a residence application pack.

There are also many companies who specialise in immigration and visas and can help you work through this process.

Studying in New Zealand

Stunning swing bridge amongst the towering Redwoods in Rotorua New Zealand

International students can apply for a student visa to live in New Zealand while they are studying. You can find more information on the New Zealand Immigration website.


When you arrive in an international airport in New Zealand, you will be required to pass through Customs. Customs have strict guidelines on what types of food, products and animals that may be brought into the country. You can find out more information on the Customs New Zealand website.

Duty Free

International airports in New Zealand have a range of Duty Free stores that sell products without the addition of local taxes. Duty free products and souveniers are a great way to snap up a bargain!

There are limits on the amount of Duty Free goods that you can travel with. You can find out more information on the Customs New Zealand website

Departure Taxes

When you leave New Zealand you will be required to pay a departure tax. Generally this cost is already included in your airplane ticket.