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Emergency Information

If you find yourself in an emergency situation in New Zealand, DIAL 111.

A situation is deemed an emergency if:

  • Someone has been badly hurt, appears to be in medical distress, or is in danger
  • There has been a road accident
  • A crime has been committed, or is in the process of being committed
  • There is a fire
  • Any other situation involving the safety of people, homes, or businesses


If it is an emergency, dial 111.

If you are hurt, but it is not an emergency, New Zealand hospitals provide free medical care for non-critical emergency situatations.

If it is not an emergency of any kind, then there are a wide range of Medical Centres and Doctors around New Zealand.


If there is a fire that cannot be quickly contained, it should always be treated as an emergency. If in doubt, dial 111.

Businesses in New Zealand are required to have fire extinguishers onsite, and many residents will also have one. Otherwise, there may be a hose, bucket or other item you can use.

Remember, smoke rises. If you find yourself in a fire situation. Stay low, and get out of the building as quickly as you can. Dial 111 and stay out.

Your can read more about fire safety on the New Zeland Fire Service website.


If a crime is in the process of occurring, dial 111.

If a crime has been committed, but it is not critical, call your local Police Station and report the crime.

Lost Passport

If you are travelling in New Zealand, and you loose your Passport contact your nearest Embassy or Diplomatic Post.

If you are a Kiwi travelling overseas, then you can use the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade website to help you find your nearest Embassy or Diplomatic Post.