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10 Tips for Saving Money (and the Earth)

By Anna Hayes 2022-11-20

10 Tips for Saving Money (and the Earth)
Try saving and reusing wrapping paper to save money

In an age where everything is single use and cheaper to buy new than repair, it can be hard finding ways to save money but not negatively impact the Earth. If you are anything like me with 3 children and a dog, you're always looking for ways to try and save money. Here are 10 easy ways you can save a few dollars in your day-to-day life.

1. Reuse your wrapping paper

With 3 children and Christmas, we go through a lot of wrapping paper. Add to that all the presents from friends when they have parties, and the wrapping paper rapidly piles up in quickly torn and discarded piles of rubbish.

Instead of bundling it up and tossing it in the bin, try going through it and keeping any pieces that can be reused. Carefully cut along the cellotape lines, trim off the torn pieces and fold it up for the next time.

2. Keep your bread bags

Use your bread bags for doggy poop bags
Use your bread bags for doggy poop bags

Bread bags are great for lots of uses. Shake out any bread crumbs and store them for later. Some ideas for use include:

  • Doggy poop bags
  • Keeping veges like lettuce fresh in the fridge
  • Wrap your cheese in it to keep it from going stale around the edges
  • Keep your ham or salami fresh in it

If you don't want to reuse your bread bags, don't forget you can recycle these as soft plastics in lots of places around New Zealand.

3. Plant your seeded potatoes

Plant your seeded potatoes for free potatoes
Plant your seeded potatoes for free potatoes

Potatoes seem to quickly go to seed on me all the time. If you've got a large black sack, empty tub, or a wee bit of unused garden, try planting your seeded potatoes. They're easy to grow. Just avoid frosts on the green parts of plants above ground, and pile up dirt over the spuds as they grow.

4. Line your bins with newspaper

Try saving those pesky newspapers and junk mail to create a lining for your bin. This will save money buying bags, reduce plastic and give you a way to reuse rubbish.

5. Use microfibre cloths

I grew up using sponges in the kitchen. When I recently found microfibre cloths I couldn't believe I hadn't known about them all this time! Just add them to your towel washes every couple days to keep them clean and hygienic.

6. Compost your food scraps

Compost your food scraps to make your own fertiliser
Compost your food scraps to make your own fertiliser

Probably everyone knows that its a good idea to compost, but if you aren't already, it's a great way to create your own free fertiliser.

Compost is rich in the good stuff that plants love and teeming with worms. If you don't have room for - or like the idea of having - a big pile of compost in your yard, try trenching it into the ground. This involves digging a hole and "planting" the compost. You can do this along rows of veges or beside plants and trees.

Try chopping up your banana skins and placing around your fruit trees or plants. Or you can chop them up and put them in a jar of water overnight and create your own fertiliser.

7. Reuse your clean waste water

Reuse the water from boiling eggs for watering plants
Reuse the water from boiling eggs for watering plants

We use a lot of water in our house. Drink bottles are daily emptied of their remains, washed and refilled.

Instead of pouring it down the drain, we use it to water our house pot plants. This helps save water, and with the councils bringing in water taxes like they are here in Christchurch, saving water means saving money.

Boiling eggs? The water is rich in calcium and great for plants, cool it and use it to water your plants. I also use the egg poaching water for my pot plants.

8. Shop to the specials

Shopping to the specials is a great way to save money at the supermarket (or anywhere). Often there is no difference, or very little difference, between brands, so shopping to the specials can really add up the savings at the counter.

9. Write a list for the supermarket

Save money by writing a Shopping List and sticking to it
Save money by writing a Shopping List and sticking to it

Write a list for what you need from the supermarket, and stick to it. Don't go shopping when you are hungry and try and avoid taking your children. This will help cut down on impulse buying.

Or you can shop online as this can be a great way to avoid buying anything you don't need.

10. Use Gaspy to shop for the cheapest fuel

Save money on fuel consumption
Save money by reducing your fuel consumption

The cost of fuel is literally sky rocketing in New Zealand at the moment. Gaspy is a great app that can help you shop around for the cheapest fuel near you, saving you real money at the pump.

Other ways you can save on fuel include:

  • Avoid idling for long periods
  • Accelerate gently
  • Don't carry unneccesarry weight
  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Watch your fuel consumption guage to learn what your most economial speeds are

Don't need to drive? Walk or bike. You might also be able to car pool to work which might save both fuel and car parking costs.

Sometimes just a few little changes in our lives can make big changes in our wallets, and on the Earth.

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