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5 Tips For An Amazing Road Trip Across New Zealand


5 Tips For An Amazing Road Trip Across New Zealand

Taking a road trip is an amazing way to see a country and seeing New Zealand in this way is no exception. New Zealand only has a population of around 4 million people which means that public transport systems that you are used to in bigger countries don’t exist there. However, if you’re visiting New Zealand you probably want to see the remote parts, its natural beauty and the epic landscapes it has to offer, so you'll be really glad of this at times. New Zealand is most conveniently travelled by car. Look into different rental options with Go Rentals.

Get Organised

The first thing to do with any road trip is to get organised. Get on Google and start to look up hints and tips from other people that have already done a New Zealand road trip. Part of the adventure is discovering some of this yourself but there is no harm in getting prepared. Start to think about the dates you want to travel and what you will need to take with you.

Remember, you probably will not be able to take everything you want with you, so getting organised with packing is a must!

Plan Your Route

Anything can happen on a road trip so everything is subject to change, but it is a good idea to have a rough idea of the route you would like to take. Consider where in New Zealand you will arrive and what logical order you should cover the places you want to see.

Remember though, lots of New Zealand is seen off the beaten track so do allow some time for exploring and seeing more than just normal tourist destinations.

Bring Along A Friend

It is fun to travel alone, in as much as it’s fun to play on for your own leisure, that is why when you plan your own itinerary be sure to perhaps consider inviting a friend along to your once in a lifetime adventure. You get to do all the planning together, which can make getting organised much easier.

As your friend is likely to want to see some different parts to New Zealand than you, you may also find that you see some hidden gems that you would otherwise have missed out on.

Make Sure You Know The Rules

If you are hiring a camping van, it is important to know the rules of what you can and cannot do. Lots of New Zealand offers free camping, which means you can camp anyway, if you have the right type of vehicle. This generally means you are camping in a vehicle that has full toilet facilities, so this is well worth considering if you are thinking about hiring a van.

If you are attempting the tour in your own car then brush up on road rules & if you think trains and buses are the way forward, make sure you read up about how these work in advance too.

Get A Budget Sorted

It is possible to road trip across New Zealand on a minimal budget, but it may limit the places you can see or the things you can do. That said if you are on a strict budget that does not mean you should miss out.

Simply get yourself to New Zealand and you never know what opportunities might come your way – maybe you will pick up a couple of weeks work on a farm which can then pay for some more travelling. Just work out a budget before you go and make sure you always leave yourself enough to get home, should you need it.