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Gambling in New Zealand


Gambling in New Zealand
Auckland City and the SKYTower - home to the SKYCITY Auckland Casino. Copyright: Chris McLennan.

Gambling is a popular activity in New Zealand. It is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs who oversee gambling licenses and the laws surrounding gambling.

There are lots of ways you can gamble in New Zealand, however you must be aged 20 years old or older to enter a casino. However you only need to be 18 to buy scratchies (gambling cards) or participate in lotteries.


There are casinos in many of the major towns and cities in New Zealand - including Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown. You must be aged 20 or over to enter a casino and must be well dressed - jeans and jandals are not permitted. Casinos feature a range of slot machines and table games. They also include a restaurant, bars and live shows.

Online Casinos

For those who don't live in the major cities, or who do not wish to leave their home, online casinos are a very popular alternative. Choose from a selection of card games, table games and slot machines and play from the comfort of your home - right from your smartphone or computer. You can find the best NZD online casino and the NZD casino toplist right here.

Sports Bets

Sports betting - including dog and horse racing - are very popular in New Zealand. You can place bets through the TAB and other betting agencies on all your favourite sports including rugby, boxing, cricket and racing.

Scratchies and Lottery

Lotto New Zealand is a huge lottery in New Zealand. You can buy tickets to it from most supermarkets as well as lots of dairies and shops. The lotto prize draw is shown on live TV each week. Scratchies are available for purchase generally from the same places as the lotto.

Gambling Addictions

It is easy to become addicted to gambling, and New Zealand is very aware of this. There are lots of help centers and online help where you can seek help if you are suffering from problem gambling. Contact PGF Services for help.