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How can sustainability positively impact your business?

By Anna Hayes 2023-02-26

How can sustainability positively impact your business?
Sustainability solutions to help protect Aotearoa

Sustainability is an important concept for all of us. It helps us to protect our ecosystems and natural resources while improving the quality of life in our beautiful country, Aotearoa.

Why Should I Incorporate Sustainability In My Business?

Clean, green New Zealand
Sustainability outcomes to help protect clean, green New Zealand

Incorporating sustainability in your business through everyday practices can help reduce business costs and your carbon footprint, all while increasing productivity.

So what is a carbon footprint anyway? A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gasses emitted through the burning of fuel for transportation, the production and consumption of food, the manufacturing of goods and materials and various other services.

Read on below to find out more about implementing some easy changes such as using sustainable software.

How Will Sustainable Practices Benefit My Business?

Sustainable outcomes to help your business
Sustainable outcomes to help your business

There are many benefits of introducing sustainability in your workplace. Keep growing your business through reduced costs and waste, improved employee retention and operational efficiency. Employees are more likely to be happier working for a company that cares for more than just its profits. This in turn creates more productive employees who are more likely to remain in your company long term, further cutting costs associated with hiring and training.

You can dramatically improve your brand’s image for prospective shareholders, while also giving your business a competitive advantage.

Help your company stand out from the crowd by having a positive impact on your local community:

  • Help protect against environmental decline
  • Create best value for investors by growing your business through positive brand image
  • Attract and retain competent and talented employees
  • Meet local governmental requirements for your industry

How Can I Track and Measure My Sustainability Progress

Oatas - Sustainability Reporting Software
Oatas - Sustainability Reporting Software

The easiest way to track and measure the progress you are making with your sustainable choices in your workplace, is by using sustainability reporting software.

Sustainability reporting software is a management system to help your business measure and improve its environmental and social impact. You’ll be able to track and measure your outcomes, identify areas where you can take action to help you make more sustainable choices, create reports that clearly show your sustainability progress, and tell your sustainability story.

Some features of a sustainable software programe:

  • Track progress towards your sustainability goals
  • Provide detailed reports on your outcomes
  • View your environmental impact “at a glance”
  • Put more eco-friendly solutions in place
  • Tell your story

Your business will be better able to track, measure and report:

  • Spending costs
  • Emissions and fuel usage
  • Waste management
  • Water usage
  • Energy management
  • Social procurement

Most sustainable software platforms will also give you a detailed report that includes actions taken and the positive impact resulting from those actions. You’ll then have this resource available to share your journey to a cleaner, greener business model with customers and investors alike.

Examples of Simple Sustainable Choices You Can Make

Sustainable outcomes to reduce water usage
Sustainable outcomes to reduce water usage

Eco-friendly and sustainable choices don’t have to be difficult, time consuming or even cost you any money. There are many simple ways you can make a difference starting today, and the positive effects will have far reaching outcomes.

Try these small, free steps towards sustainability:

  • Emailing invoices instead of printing them
  • Using travel mugs instead of disposable coffee cups
  • Cutting down on time spent idling in your company vehicle
  • Turning off lights and electronics at the wall when not in use
  • Use eco friendly light bulbs
  • Using recyclable packaging
  • Composting food waste from the staff room

Sustainable choices help to ensure businesses thrive while also looking after their environmental and social impact. This is important as it shows helps make sure our future generations are able to enjoy Aotearoa and all the amazing natural resources it has to offer. Let’s all work together to better our clean, green kiwi image.

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