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Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?

By Anna Hayes 2022-07-19

Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?
Freeze dried strawberries. Copyright: Botanical Ingredients

Freeze Drying is the process where all the moisture in the fruit (or vegetable, you can also get freeze dried vegetables) is removed using a below-freezing vacuum chamber. As the temperature is slowly lifted, the moisture in the fruit naturally evaporates.

What is the Nutritional Value of Freeze Dried Fruit?

Freeze dried raspberry crumble
Freeze dried raspberry crumble. Copyright: Botanical Ingredients

Due to the low processing temperature of the freeze drying process, most of the nutrients, colour and flavour of the fruit are natural retained. Vitamin C is soluable however, so it is generally significantly reduced in any dried food.

Fresh fruit contains a lot of water, so once this has been removed, you get a much larger concentration of the natural nutrients in your freeze dried food.

However, you also get a high concentration of sugar and calories in dried food. So it's important to keep in mind portion sizes.

There are no preservatives, chemicals or additives required in the freeze drying process, making the fruit 100% pure.

"Vacuum freeze-drying of biological materials is one of the best methods of water removal, with final products of highest quality. The solid state of water during freeze-drying protects the primary structure and the shape of the products with minimal volume reduction. In addition, the lower temperatures in the process allow maximal nutrient and bioactive compound retention."

"Although some losses in vitamins and other valuable biocompounds can be found after freeze-drying, this type of dehydration method is the best to preserve nutritional qualities when compared to other dehydration methods, especially when operated under vacuum."


So yes, freeze dried fruit is a healthy option, but remember to have it as a part of a balanced diet, and keep in mind portion sizes.

Ways to Use Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze dried raspberries
Freeze dried raspberries. Copyright: Botanical Ingredients

So how can you use this yummy, healthy fruit in your diet? Freeze dried fruit and vegetables can come in a variety of ways - slices, crumble, whole and powder. The size of your food will help you decide where and how to use it.

Whole and slices are great as snacks all by themselves! They make an scrumptious addition to school lunches (and your own!). You can also add them, along with crumble, to your breakfast and to baking.

Powders are ideal for smoothies and adding flavouring or sweetness to baking.

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