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Learn How to Save Money when you Send Money


Learn How to Save Money when you Send Money
Learn how to save money when you transfer money

Money transfers have always been important. Everyone wants (or needs) to send money from one country to another, to either family, relatives, acquaintances or friends. However, when it comes to expats living in Australia or New Zealand, things get even more crucial.

For years now, money transfers between the two countries have been a great source of debate. Banks have been widely used for safe transfers, at the cost of paying unfavourable fees. This is how most receivers ended up with as much as 75% (or less) of the money sent into their bank accounts.

Nowadays, it is easy to avoid costs whenever you are sending money abroad. Due to so much of the information being available online, it is your responsibility to find what is of most interest to you. Stick with us to discover how you can save money when you send money abroad, from New Zealand to Australia – and vice versa.

Money transfer companies help you save money in fees

Knowing this piece of information can make money transfers less expensive between New Zealand and Australia. Instead of choosing banks, money transfer companies will help you save money with every transfer. Most of them use a specific global network with local bank accounts, through which they send money at lower fees. Due to this feature, you can take advantage of the NZD to AUD transfers without having to pay high costs when moving money from one country to another.

Foreign exchange companies have better currency exchange rates

In order to send money from New Zealand to Australia, you will have to convert NZD to AUD. This process is quite expensive when being employed by a bank. These costs are less high on a foreign exchange or any other money transfer company. You can save money by paying a smaller cost on currency exchange. Most of the foreign exchange companies accept international clients, so you should have no problems regardless of your nationality.

You get to send money faster and easier

Right after inserting all the necessary information to employ a money transfer, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure the money arrives to the destination. The vast majority of foreign exchange companies have a waiting time of less than 2 days; a few of them require 3 working days. Besides being a great advantage, this aspect is prone to save time in money transfers. Since the money arrives faster yet following the same safe process, the receiver is granted access to the financial resources in due time. On the contrary, they would have remained in various banks until further notice should the transfer had been handled directly through a bank.

Sometimes it is necessary to send money abroad from New Zealand to Australia (or from Australia to New Zealand). Using the proper money transfer company, you can avoid the unnecessary fees while still sending money to the desired country.

This is a proven and useful trick to use, especially if you employ money transfers on a monthly (or weekly) basis. Saving money on your money transfer is a bliss and something you should take advantage of every time.